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Hardware Accelerated Solutions

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Offering fpga-accelerated applications and cloud-based fpga development environment

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Experiencing accelerated cloud-based solutions like never beforecloud-based video encoding

cloud based video encoding


A New Trend In Computing Platforms

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1. The ever-increasing computing demand for new intensive algorithms like machine learning, video transcoding and artificial intelligence has led the community to make use of alternative solution instead of adding just general purpose units like CPU and GPU ...

2. Using accelerator cards developed for a specific domain of applications opened its way as a promising, prevalent solution in most of platforms. High-performance, high energy efficiency, competitive cost and high density of integration are ...

3. most prominent features of these solutions. Avan services are backed with state-of-the-art FPGA cards to accelerate the computations, providing tremendous power for workload computations.

cloud computing

Processing Services

New trend in large-scale computing

accelerated application

1. We live in the era of digital data. Data is produced all around the world, non-stop! To be perceived and understood, data in any possible format should be processed by different algorithms instantly. This hard limitation on the time and the quality of service ...

2. put an extra pressure on the servers. Avan services are designed and implemented to answer this computational challenge of real-time processing demand, guaranteeing ease of use and high performance.

3. By using our services, shake off the worries of long queue of your workload processing from yourself!

cloud-based video encoding service

By using just two simple commands, send your videos to our service and fetch the encoded outputs at any desired resolution

Our Encoding Service

cloud-based FPGA Developement Infrastructure

State-of-the-art FPGAs at your hand from everywhere at any time

Our FPGA Infrastructure

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